"The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit"

- Nelson Henderson

Welcome to Acacia Shade

Acacia Shade is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of children with disabilities in Ghana

Our Vision

Acacia Shade was organized in 2012 after our president and founder spent time doing humanitarian work with her family in Ghana. While there, she witnessed the heartbreaking plight of children with disabilities and the urgent need for their care and welfare. Once home, she began to put together a board of committed volunteers who shared a common vision and sense of compassion for these vulnerable children. From this, Acacia Shade was formed and committed itself to helping with the severe culture stigma and discrimination that exists towards children with physical and mental disabilities.

Acacia Shade opened up a home to care for abandoned children with physical and mental disabilities in 2013. Beyond our home, we are working with different ghanaian government agencies and other ghanaian organizations in their efforts to create awareness and educate communities and build long-term solutions for integrating these children back into families, schools and society.

Learn the Issues

The tragic plight of Ghana’s children with disabilities

In Ghana, if you are born with a mental or physical disability, it is often viewed as a bad omen or curse. These children and their families are shunned by their communities. Because of lack of education and resources, most live a life of desperate poverty. As such, many of these children are hidden away, killed, or abandoned and left to die in the wilderness or in ill-equipped orphanages.

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You Can Help

You can Help!



Be a part of our Acacia Shade team! We need you. Whether it be traveling with a team to Ghana, helping put on a fundraiser, or making items to sell in our store, our foundation is fueled by people just like you! Click to join the effort!


Help with our Fundraisers

Our current fundraiser is a football clinic with NFL player Ziggy Ansah. We are looking for many volunteers to help with this fundraiser. If you are interested in helping, please click on the volunteer button below! For more information about the clinic, follow this link.



All donations to Acacia Shade are tax deductible. A receipt will be emailed to you shortly after your donation is received. Click to donate!


"Love and compassion are necessitities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive" -- Dalai Lama

Symbol of Survival

Symbol of Survival

The African Acacia tree is one of the extraordinary survival stories of the natural world. Having survived for centuries in one of the harshest landscapes on earth, the Acacia tree has continued to adapt to its surroundings and remains a prominent source of shade and respite on the sun-scorched African Savanna. This incredible tree is a beautiful symbol of children with mental and physical disabilities in Ghana, the challenges they face and their will to survive. Helping these deserving children thrive in their environment despite their harsh circumstances is what Acacia Shade hopes to achieve.

Our Mission

Acacia Shade is dedicated to the welfare of children with disabilities in Ghana.

We accomplish our mission by implementing inclusion programs, supporting existing organizations in Ghana who share our mission, and educating communities to eradicate stigmas surrounding children with disabilities.

Meet the Team

Holly Cloyd


Julie Reneer


Hannah Bills


Maria Eliason

Leader of Development

Kara Arnold


Milli Dadson

Ghanaian Representative

Lisa Hart


Kim Daley

Art and Web Director


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